Stream Schedule and General Update

Hello all!

First off, I will be posting more on the site. General updates and such. In good news, I have a new capture card that is bringing higher quality to the stream. The stream looked ok before but the replays always looked a little grainy making my TikToks and YouTube stuff not look ideal. I went from a $30 cheap off-brand USB 3.0 card to a PCIe Elgato 4k card. The image looks great but I am still tweaking things. Luckily, Xsplit is amazing!

Speaking of Xsplit I am now an affiliate partner. I don’t join affiliate programs as most are scams or too hard to vet but I have been using Xsplit for over 2 years and LOVE their products. Their support staff is top-notch and goes well above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best stream! If you don’t love OBS and are looking to switch consider Xsplit. Here is the link.

Schedule Update

It’s no secret the mid-week streams have been flakey. It is hard for me during the week as I work my day job and my wife also works. With her new job, I have moved Monday’s stream to Tuesday. Moving forward expect streams to be Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat at 8 pm est unless otherwise stated. (Join the discord for as they happen updates)

WoW and Chill Nights

Tuesday’s will be random streams. Sometimes Rocket League sometimes other games. WoW Classic will be one of those games. Wrath of the Lich King classic comes out this year and was my favorite expansion. I played that game more than I care to admit. Every so often I will be streaming WoW classic, mostly on Tuesdays. Until I hit end game content I understand the game itself isn’t the most entertaining and thus it will be more of a “just chatting” stream with WoW in the background.

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