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Rocket League! Best of February

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Tough Week :-(

Last week was tough on me for some reason. Just tired and worn down the whole week. With the weather changing my allergies are in full swing causing some issues for me personally. Sorry for the lack of streams and content but this week should be somewhat normal!

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Stream and YouTube Update

Hi everyone!

I hope we are doing great! First off, I am sorry the stream schedule has been whacky the last month or so. My energy levels have been really low which is normal for me this time of year but affecting my life. I hope to be back to a full week of streams soon but make sure you join the discord for updates as they happen.

I did have an incredible month on YouTube and would like to thank everyone for their support! We almost hit our goal of 300 subscribers by the end of last month and had over 10k views on the channel! This is amazing to me and a far cry from the 30-50 views a month I was getting 2 years ago! The majority of these views were from the short feed so it didn’t help much with watch time but the new subscribers and community members is showing we are growing a...

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