Discord Hate Raid

Last night at the end of our stream we experienced a hate raid on discord. Three individuals joined our discord and hung around in our chat causing feedback and confusion. After a few minutes, they started spouting racist slurs on repeat. I promptly ended my stream and banned them from the discord. I have unpublished this stream and intend to download and use some of the content for YouTube that took place before the raid. Luckily this hasn’t seemed to affect the Twitch Channel and I believe I took action quick enough to avoid any type of ban. I do not agree with this type of mindset of racism or ignorance and am happy to ban anyone with this type of mindset. As such I am taking action to make sure this never happens again. The discord will be locked down to approved members only going forward in the voice chat used for live streams. The majority of current discord members already meet these criteria to join the chat as they have proven themselves. How we vet going forward is still up in the air but we will make a plan.

If you were with us live and had to hear this hateful BS then I profusely apologize! This is not the type of message I approve of and I will always stand on the side of love, compassion, and understanding. There is no room for hate in my community!

With love – PwrNerd5000

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