Stream Schedule and General Update

Hello all!

First off, I will be posting more on the site. General updates and such. In good news, I have a new capture card that is bringing higher quality to the stream. The stream looked ok before but the replays always looked a little grainy making my TikToks and YouTube stuff not look ideal. I went from a $30 cheap off-brand USB 3.0 card to a PCIe Elgato 4k card. The image looks great but I am still tweaking things. Luckily, Xsplit is amazing!

Speaking of Xsplit I am now an affiliate partner. I don’t join affiliate programs as most are scams or too hard to vet but I have been using Xsplit for over 2 years and LOVE their products...

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Rocket League! Best of February

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Tough Week :-(

Last week was tough on me for some reason. Just tired and worn down the whole week. With the weather changing my allergies are in full swing causing some issues for me personally. Sorry for the lack of streams and content but this week should be somewhat normal!

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Stream and YouTube Update

Hi everyone!

I hope we are doing great! First off, I am sorry the stream schedule has been whacky the last month or so. My energy levels have been really low which is normal for me this time of year but affecting my life. I hope to be back to a full week of streams soon but make sure you join the discord for updates as they happen.

I did have an incredible month on YouTube and would like to thank everyone for their support! We almost hit our goal of 300 subscribers by the end of last month and had over 10k views on the channel! This is amazing to me and a far cry from the 30-50 views a month I was getting 2 years ago! The majority of these views were from the short feed so it didn’t help much with watch time but the new subscribers and community members is showing we are growing a...

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The Cutest Rocket League Player Ever!

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Weekly Update

What is up everyone!

Hope last week was good for everyone. I missed Monday’s stream due to it being valentines day! Was able to make the stream up yesterday during the day on YouTube! This week should be pretty normal for the most part. Tonight is Halo on YouTube then Rocket League the rest of the week on Twitch! Please go sub to the YouTube channel and make sure you are on the discord for live updates. Random streams outside of the schedule will be notified there.

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Rough Week Last Week

Well, it is no secret I missed some streams last week. First off I am sorry. We had a rough week trying to adopt a dog we fell in love with. Long story short he is home now and adjusting. Hopefully, this week goes as planned, of course, make sure to join the discord and follow me on Twitter for live updates.

I was asked on Saturday why I wait for my wife to get out of work to stream and that can be confusing if you don’t know. Long story short, we have a child who can not look after himself yet and thus I don’t want to be in the basement alone with him in his room two floors up just in case he wakes up or isn’t asleep yet. My wife also doesn’t drive. This means when she gets out later I would also have to stop the stream when she gets out to go get her...

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Site Plans and Stream Updates

Hope everyone is doing great! Tonight I am streaming at 8 pm est on Twitch as normal. Tomorrow will be around 10 pm est. Tonight is extra modes (Rumble, Hoops, Snowday) so if you want to play with me join the discord and let me know! You can also just say so live. Tomorrow is going to be 3v3 and 2v2. Going to try and rank up a little if we can.

For the website, I will be adding back the stream schedule. This was something we lost when I was dealing with a hacking situation on the site. Several security measures have been taken to secure the site and all hack attempts have stopped so we can continue development!

Lastly, don’t forget you can now follow on Instagram!

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Mid Week Stream Change

What’s up, everyone! I hope you all are well and having a great week! This week and last week I had to miss the Wednesday stream due to when my wife got out of work. It’s hard for me to stream if she gets out after 7 as I like to end my streams before 10 during the week as I have to be up for work at 4:50 am. As such, the Wednesday stream will be today and may fluctuate from week to week depending. I like doing Wednesday over Thursday as I feel less burned out but I also want to give everyone 4 streams a week when possible. As I don’t update my site nearly as often as I should and have been working on securing it more than adding content over the last week please follow me on Twitter or Join the discord for as they come updates.


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Halo Replay!

Last night I had an amazing stream! Shout out to all who stopped by! Check out the replay!

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